World class engine management tuning measured and proven on the industry's most accurate and reputable MAHA LPS3000 DYNO / ROLLING ROAD! 
The MAHA LPS 3000 enables measurements to be made on most Petrol and Diesel Engines, including Motorcycles 
Engine Power of 1500Nm Max can be measured and a top speed of over 200 mph 
Load simulations – constant rpm, traction, road speed, driving simulation and acceleration measurement 
Speedometer and trip meter test 
Our dyno is situated in a purpose built cell to allow us to get the most accurate results that we can. 
We have a fan that has two settings blowing cold air towards the car, a fan for vehicles with top mount intercoolers, exhaust extraction and a cell fan that removes the warm air out of the room for optimum performance. 
For more information, to request a quote or to get your vehicle booked in, please get in touch. We're here to help! 
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