Here at Power Autos, we work alongside a fully equipped body shop, so we are able to not only repair faults in your vehicle's engine, air conditioning or electrical systems, but we are also able to fix bodywork problems. 

Our team are skilled in panel beating, corrosion repairs, damaged paint, scratches, small dents, stone chips and failing lacquer. We look to provide the most cost effective solutions to complete the repair at the highest standards, leaving your car looking like new. 
If your car has been in an accident we will work with you to provide quotes and help you get approval to get the work completed with the insurance companies involved. 
Painting and car resprays with oven-bake facilities for a factory finish, including an in-house colour matching system to make sure we get the best results possible. 
We can re-work any poorly executed repairs where a substandard job has been provided by another supplier. We can also correct blemishes and other paint defects. 
The car washing process can leave swirls and fine scratches in paint work. Tar, brake dust and other contaminants like iron particles and bird droppings can also dull paintwork and leave marks. All these can be removed through a detailing process that is completed by using a machine polisher and different polishing compounds. This process will leave your car’s body with a pristine finish that can then be treated with wax or ceramic coating to protect it. 
Dulling and fading headlamps with light marks can be re-polished to bring them back to life and prevent a full headlamp unit replacement. 
Depending on the damage to the alloy wheel we can remove light kerb damage and make quick touch ups. Alternatively we can full media blast, then prime and paint using the latest 2K painting process with an activator that hardens the paint to produce a longer lasting finish. 
We also add a clear top coat for enhanced durability and depth, which protects against brake dust and ensures your alloys look beautiful for longer. 
Our wheel refurbishment service involves a six-stage process: 
Remove wheels from the vehicle 
Remove tyres from the wheels 
Dip the wheels in a strong acid which strips grime and paint off the wheel, taking it back to bare metal 
Repair the rim where it’s been badly 'kerbed', welding any cracks and possibly having to heat and reshape the wheel if buckled (at extra cost) 
Powder-coating the wheels in the customer's desired colour 
Re-fitting tyres to wheels, balancing wheels and re-fitting to the vehicle 
There are sometimes extra processes that the wheels have to go through: for example, some premium car wheels have an anodised finish. It is very costly to redo the anodising, but we can offer this service. We also offer the process of diamond-cutting the face or barrel of the wheel to get a shiny, polished finish. 
A selection of other specific repairs we can offer include: 
Dual Mass Flywheel and Clutch 
Headgasket Replacements 
Dive Shaft 
Electrical Repairs 
Fault finding 
Obviously all repairs and body shop work have to be quoted on a case-by-case basis.  
Call us now for a quote on 07815 604 980 or email us HERE and we'll get back to you straightaway. 
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