Performance tuning (or 'Remapping') is not just about maximising power or fuel economy. It's about delivering the right engine performance to improve your driving experience. 

Remapping your car can dramatically improve overtaking safety, acceleration, reliability and fuel economy, as well as saving you hundreds of pounds in repair bills and potentially pre-empting any need to buy a new vehicle. 

What is Remapping? 

Remapping your vehicle is the process of adjusting parameters in the engines control unit to increase performance and MPG. It is the most beneficial and cost effective way to release hidden power and economy from your cars engine. 
With a lot of new vehicle transmission systems being electronic and having their own separate control units, we can also re-map these to make changing gear quicker and smother.  
It doesn’t just stop there though. We can also help with EGR, DPF, O2 Removals, along with pops and bangs, launch control and many other features. 
Using our MAHA LPS3000 Dyno we can provide Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 2+ and Stage 3 tuning. 
We can also offer upgrade packages so you don’t have to do a thing apart from drop your vehicle off with us and let us do the rest. 
Struggling to get around whilst your car is being looked after at Power Autos? Then don't hesitate to ask for a courtesy car! Just £25 per day (+ VAT). 


We also have a comprehensive range of diagnostics equipment to ensure complete accuracy whilst working on your vehicle. 
Do have a warning light on your dashboard? Unsure what it is? We can help! 
We can tell you what it is and guide you in the best way to get the problem fixed. 
For more information, to request a quote or to get your vehicle booked in, please get in touch. We're here to help! 
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